Slowing down

So it’s only day one of 2014 and I am already behind.

First, I never finished getting my Christmas cards out so if you didn’t get one enjoy this digital version, because I’m not going to even try.


Second, my birthday. I am probably the only person in the history of Facebook who didn’t thank everyone for all the birthday wishes. I am grateful. I love hearing from so many people. I just got overwhelmed and dropped off FB to finish all our Christmas prepping and then all of a sudden it’s a week after Christmas and I’m still not on track.

And finally, (yes I had to do it in threes), Bryan and I have sort of shut down to try and find our final thoughts on Reese’s surgery. We met with the surgeon at Cook Children’s in Ft Worth Dec 17, so we have had a lot to think about between enjoying the crinkling of wrapping paper and the twinkling tree lights. And while it’s no excuse, it has made it hard to send the good tidings that we normally would. Plus, we just wanted to have as much quality family time as possible. That, plus our lack of sleep thanks to changes in Reese’s meds and routine, have made us slow. At least these are the reasons I’m telling myself, you can take it or leave it. 🙂 

We did get a great Santa shot this year. So you can see the happy, cheesy smiles both my kids are exceptionally good at. 


So overall, the good news is we have done what we all set out to do — slow down in December. The downside is some of you haven’t heard from us and probably are getting antsy for news. I think this time around we are just a living example of the old adage “no news is good news.”

As always we continue to appreciate your patience, love and support. And I have another update coming just about surgery. So stay tuned… it’s coming, it’s just at a slower pace for a few more days, anyway.