A Mighty Moment for Accepting Change

I didn’t necessarily need a cry today, but I sure needed the smile that came with this great blog post. I see the world differently now with all our change, and I love this beautiful moment in time captured by a mom, a juggler, maybe an over-thinker, like me.


TheMighty.com has just opened my eyes to a new side to our world. I am very grateful to have time to be slowly accepting and learning about what Reese’s world means for us as a family. We have been able to take the past six months and become ok with the change we are facing.

We don’t have a status or a diagnosis that labels her, yet. But we are embracing the opportunities and the knowledge that lies within the special needs community, especially for the autistic spectrum. As a non-verbal almost three-year-old, Reese is behind. No question. There IS a question about why, so until we know for sure, we are coming at the problem from all angles, as always. 🙂

Reese started pre-school last month. I was so apprehensive at first, but when we realized she automatically qualifies for public school special education on her third birthday, the wheels started spinning. Actually, the whole dang car was falling a part, immediately. I was frozen at this thought that she was supposed to go away five days a week and actually LEARN something and behave and someone other than our family or Miss Louyse would be feeding her lunch and changing her diaper. But I quickly jumped to action instead of hiding in the dark, like I wanted.


And boy am I glad I did. We realized quickly that mainstream pre-schools just weren’t going to work for Reese. So I started my researching, and talking, and asking questions. It didn’t take long at all to learn we have several great choices right here near home. Amazing really. I was prepared to drive across the metroplex, juggling schedules and taking on road rage all for the sake of my baby. Alas, I had to pass on getting to add that notch in my belt. We only drive give minutes to get to her school. A school we absolutely LOVE.

It’s super small, and you wouldn’t even know it was there, let alone realize it was a school. But it’s perfect for Reese. The weekly reports are so positive and I feel so good, so happy for her to like her new routine and have a chance to learn from other children who are as unique in their challenges as she is.

So just wanted everyone to know, we are good. Really good. You can be proud of Reese for all the NEW she is trying and all the baby steps she is taking.