This road…. Hard even when it’s good

Doodlebug’s third birthday is bringing so many things to celebrate. We are also having to let go of a few things and it’s been hard.

Early Childhood Intervention was a true lifesaver for us. People don’t tell you there is this wonderful service out there. They tell you your child needs support.

They should send home ECI flyers with formula and again in the diaper boxes. Because I’ve met so many parents who are starting their journey of speech therapy or OT, or just getting their heads around an autism diagnosis. And they never heard of ECI.

Many professionals will say you cannot diagnose for these things until they are older. And I get that. But why tell a parent who has a concern to wait. Why not say, you know if you are interested in exploring feeding therapy, there is this great way to get started before they turn 3.

Just sayin.