Move over Hiccup! There’s a New Inventor in town

The heart on this boy moves me to tears more often than I can handle admitting. We have secretly been feeling for a while that this boy’s destiny is tied to his sister’s and in turn helping many others. So I admit we embrace small moments to teach about helping others. But nothing over the top. We are still awfully spoiled and lacking nothing in life, except maybe time.

However, our weekend of snow has led us down a new path I had to share because what momma doesn’t boast about her son saving the world. Or even one who is thinking about it!

I didn’t realize what a huge impact Dolphin Tale was going to have on our big-hearted engineer. I believe we are very late to watching this one so apologies if this is old news. We watched the first movie last night and he couldn’t sleep afterward. I thought he was putting on pjs and instead emerged with his first of 5 prosthesis prototypes in the past 24 hours.

I snapped this video with no prepping or editing to capture his raw enthusiasm, in case there is a day that someone wants to see where it all started. ( A mom can dream for her child’s dreams, too, right?)

After breakfast, he was back to it and for a snow day, you would have thought he was out shoveling, it was so quiet for almost 2 hours. He now has a shopping list for the “Tool store” and a couple renderings on paper of what he wants his concept to do next.

Mother’s musing:
We live in a world of change where differences are still seen as disabilities, where fear lurks in corners and blinds the best of people. Our world is becoming one enveloped with more specialties than I could have imagined and I am so glad my children are going to be better people for it.

And one extra note:
I think there is an underlying connection because of the similarity with our favorite Viking hero Hiccup being an inventor of similar devices. But nonetheless, the kid watched the second movie today and has declared it BETTER than How to Train Your Dragon! At least for now. We shall see…..