A little slice of crazy

Beautiful night to sit outside after dinner. Even if it’s not a peaceful or relaxing moment. 

Just a little peek into our special kind of craz here. Manis/pedis are NOT fun this little hyper-sensitive busy bee. 

Bubba doing what he does best, distracting Reese during one of her not so fun sensory overload moments. Notice how she licks her hand the whole time? That’s her new “I’m uncomfortable” response. 

It’s hard to tell Davis to stop and honestly sometimes I think he is helping distract her. Her happy senses are lights and music and bouncing. Her not so happy is any kind of pressure on her hands and feet. It is something we work on every day. 

And then we see new signs of learning by our little love bug. She is following the simple task of picking up her toys. We do hand over hand a few times but she eventually does it by herself. It’s like Groundhogs Day around here though. Just because she figured it out yestersay doesn’t mean she will remember today. And then she figured it out again and we repeat. We repeat a lot. The good behavior and the bad. I admit we are so tired we don’t stay on top of her like we know we should. 

But then we see the funny moments when she gets to explore by herself. Like bedtime. I never had to think about what was around her crib before this month. Now, she has discovered she can pull everything through the slats! I laughed so hard first time we found a slew of clothes, formerly folded in a stack outside her crib, now providing a second layer of blanket INSIDE the bars. It’s a good problem solving challenge for her so I keep letting her do it. Tonight it was a soft book and a fake wood spare shelf. Tomorrow who knows…