Choosing Beautiful

This world can be so hard to face some days — especially when you’re the mom of a little girl, and maybe more importantly of a boy who you want to appreciate and respect and celebrate girls, too.

I admit I never worried too much about my looks. I had enough self confidence to get me through the rough years, and in the moments when I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw, I think the love and friendships I felt overshadowed it. I get that most women didn’t have that experience though. And even harder to admit, it’s become a bigger challenge as I’ve watched this face collect more lines and freckles and fight the inevitable gravitational pull.

So it is now that I am grateful for a wise woman giving me a piece of motherly advice three years ago as I looked displeasingly at my post-partum shape in a hotel lobby bathroom.

“Stop that!” she said. You have a daughter now. You can’t let her see you sigh and fidget like that. When you have teenage daughters, you realize they pick up on everything you do. Especially how you react to your own reflection.

My tried and true body soap, Dove, still continues to challenge and encourage us all and I am grateful for their courage in a very callous marketing world. Don’t miss their latest viral video and please be sure to share it.