Finding her voice through AAC

Learning how to use AAC is what keeps me up at night, or rather haunts me in my sleep. Yes, we already have some battle scars from brain surgery, and set backs from hospitalizing seizures. 💜

I worry what makes her most vulnerable is not having a voice people can understand. — I’ve dreamt I’m fighting a pack of wolves off coming near my baby girl. I’ve dreamt of smoke taking our breath and I wake up gasping.

This is obviously my psyche dealing with the very deeply rooted survival mindset of a mama bear protecting her young. It’s not a light-hearted moniker. It’s a serious state of mind.

So, now that I’ve had a little time to assess her needs in our current surroundings, and consider her progress, I’m set on focusing all our efforts on her AAC, the iPad we fondly call her talker. Your thoughts are welcome on this one.

I’ll research every lead, and share what I learn.