Celebrating the battle over buttons

I choose to find the wins in our world. To reach for light even when we are surrounded in darkness. Sometimes, it’s a quick pick-me-up to revel in a sweet success, no matter how small.

Reflecting on things to celebrate — March 2020 — I will watch this 100 hundred times! This was a surprise she brought me herself. She wanted me to see she had learned this from therapy. I had no idea! 💜

Eight years ago, we noticed these long, slender fingers immediately.

My mom said “look at the piano player.” I think about that now and then. These fingers have struggled to lay flat for crawling. They have grabbed me in fear of another seizure coming. They have fought a coordinated effort to grip a fork. And they just recently started taking proper orders for pointing and counting. 💜

These graceful fingers, even though they can sign a couple words and they can use scissors to cut paper like a champ, they don’t work well in opposite activities. They ignore orders, or maybe they just don’t always get the signal from the Comander in Chief Brain.

So today, we celebrate the battle over buttons. Pesky, resistant little boogers, these glittery opponents lost to this mighty troop of fingers, who have rallied together to seize the day. And maybe, just maybe, piano keys are still a future battle to be fought and won. ☺️🎹