Six word story: Courageous

This week’s self reflection comes from spending a lot of time working up the courage to put my ideas out there for the Internet archives to remember forever. I’ve been asking myself why do I put so much weight on sharing these big ideas for change. I’ve outlined in my head all my reasons for moving forward…

I am fully equipped to listen humbly and learn and admit a wrong and be willing to grow.

I want to work with others who are also ready for that tough kind of learning and growing. To get started in having those future collaborators trust me, I realize they have to hear my real views and see me willing to be vulnerable.

They need to believe I am ready for change.

Courage from experience

So, yesterday, while I was overhauling my personal blog into a website with a purpose, I was reminded of how much I do have in life experiences. I have some funny moments documented, and some very serious ones. I’ve dabbled in veiled advocacy through sharing our family stories, and now I see I can be more straightforward. I have developed well-informed perspectives from research, discussions and lots of living. So why not share it.

I am also experienced in marketing and messaging and connecting with customers. On the same day as I made this self awareness about sharing from life’s experiences, I heard myself saying brilliant things during a client project call.

She speaks from experience. Curious. Courageous. A six word story

Experience from courage

And that’s when it hit me. To be curious, I have to be willing to ask questions, based on experiences, I challenge people and I learn from them. To be willing to share experiences, and ask people to learn from me, I need to be courageous. Vulnerable, and strong, and humble. And courageous.

If you’re working on being courageous, too, I’d love to connect on social or you can reach out here.

What is a six word story?

Some might call it an act of creative expression. Others use it for expressing feelings in therapy or self awareness workshops. You can learn more on the concept by reading Narrative, Tell me a story website.