Great day to be a mom

It was a great day to me a mom… My baby is developing her sense of humor and my son is such a sweet little man.

Reese finds her brother amusing, we all do. Today we discovered it isn’t just because Davis is silly. Bryan lobbed a squishy ball at Davis in the pool and when he got caught off guard by it tagging him in the head, Reese cracked up. Her full gut laugh was classic. So of course, Bryan had to test the theory and it’s pretty certain that she understood when Davis didn’t see it coming for his head/face she always laughed. When he caught it, she didn’t. Lucky for her, she has a lifetime of laughs in store, because these two boys live for an audience.

And as for Davis, he complimented me. “Mommy, I really like that dress.” he says very seriously and sincerely about an old sundress bathing suit cover up that I had thrown on. It’s never when I have actually put effort into looking nice that I receive the unsolicited comments. Occasionally, though, I get a sweet one like this.