I know lots of our friends look for updates on Reese. I just hate to fill my timeline with our daily challenges. So consider this a recap of the past 2 weeks or so.

This video shows you happy Reese; pretty much 100% herself. Other than the constant teething, we got a top tooth in, total is now 3. And, she has acquired this new smirky smile that of course, is adorable. We haven’t seen this much of late, though.

We made the trek through the airports for Thanksgiving at my sisters outside Atlanta. The cousins played so well together. So despite some of our health issues, it was a great trip.

I wish my family could have seen more of this smiley face, but I know it’s a Thanksgiving they will never forget. Everyone experienced several seizures that week and as sad as it was, I know they felt relieved they could finally see one in person and now be able to handle it in the future.

So after 3 the Saturday we traveled and another 4 on Monday, we tried to make her comfortable and get as much sleep as she could. And that is all we ever can do.

By Friday, when we got back home she was feeling better. Then it started over again this last Sunday night. She had 5 in 24 hours and it never seems to get easier to hold her until she wakes up to see how bad she will feel.

We have good news though. The gene test we have been waiting for since Sept came back all normal. No genetic disorders or predisposition to seizures. That may seem unsatisfying, but it is a relief for us. This means she may be in the group who just grows out of it with as little explanation as we started with.

I won’t lie, this is rough. We are always looking for signs that one is coming, and we read into patterns that aren’t really there, but we are ok. Davis is the most empathetic, protective, loving big brother and it is always touching to see how he runs to her aid.

We hurt, we cry, but this video is what we live for. Five days after her last and she is the happy girl, when she feels well enough to coo and laugh and squeal with delight.

So that is where we stand. Thanks as always to EVERYONE who calls, listens, prays and thinks about our Reese.