Reesey-kins and I chillin in the sleeping ICU. We both napped earlier so as usual, the night owls are going strong and poor Daddy is zonked.

We are on hour 48 in hospital and we probably have another 48 to go. And I can tell you it feels like a week already.

Because she had such a great response to steroids the past month we are now exploring some new potential causes in the realm of autoimmune syndromes. To get the tests for a bunch of really rare antibodies we have to wait until Monday to get the lab work done and sent out. Fancy stuff the lab here doesn’t handle.

In the meantime, we are focused on keeping her comfortable, which includes swapping between the bed and our arms and trying to get her to eat so she doesn’t have to go back on IV. Her breathing, which brought her down to ICU in the first place, is much better so we should be safe to head back to the EMU tomorrow.

My little trooper still seems as sweet as ever and except for day 3 in the same clothes, you couldn’t really tell how much time she already has been here hooked up to machines. Her left foot keeps rolling around, which tells me she is aware and looking to get moving. She touches my face or grabs my hair and that lets me know she knows it is me and that she wants to be close. We are doing well considering so please don’t worry too much. She is in great hands.