All is quiet…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we go dark when things are good. Davis starting school has been so fun for us and overall the summer was good. We are so happy with all of Reese’s progress and we share all the big and little moments with photos and video… I predict a first step in the very near future… But it’s not for a lack of things to worry about.

Reese has a new MRI planned for Friday. She has to go under and it is just such a different feeling than our previous hospitalizations and tests. Her seizures made her an easy patient. Her new mobility and desire to be a toddler makes everything a little more challenging. At this point, as much as we love the steroids for giving us so much quality time with our little lady bug we hate it because we have no idea how much long-term damage it is doing. And so we do count the days to when she comes off of it, but we sense it will all tie in with surgery.

We are trying to stay focused on the good and build our plans for how to support Reese and just keep our family healthy and happy.

But I won’t lie, brain surgery looms in our every thought and we just don’t know what to expect. Not being able to really prepare or plan eats at us as parents and at the Type A control peeps that we are.

We are always grateful for your thoughts and acts of kindness. More to come after Friday.