Get Out Your Pencils!

It’s been a good week. Super hectic. Crazy, really. But, still great progress for Reese, so it’s a winner in my book. 

To be brief, Reese has shown some real mental strength and focus this week. It’s an amazing feeling to witness her little breakthroughs — lots of pointer finger work with the left hand, length of attention has expanded, deep personal connecting, and a little bitty step in advanced reasoning. 

On top of all that, we’ve grown! It’s hard to tell in pictures just how small she is I think. You probably forget, like most people, that she is nearly 2.5 years old. She looks like a small 12 month old.

  • She weighs 21 pounds now, (last summer she was a beefy 26), here’s hoping she plateaus and doesn’t lose any more.
  • We’ve moved up a shoe size, officially in toddler shoes now, and not infant soft-soled ones. 
  • And my favorite!!! After standing at 29 inches tiny for 15 months, she’s tacked on two, TWO, inches! Time to mark the walls. This girl is going to wear out our pencils.

This is presumably because we’re down to a very small dose of steroids allowing her body to start behaving normally and maybe realizing it needs to kick it into gear and start taking care of her. 

And I have to share, we had a super great wrap up to our therapies today. She communicated her need for water using our picture book we have made. She might as well have won a Gold Medal in my mind! Thrilling!! She also is grasping “cause and effect” more and more. She pushed buttons on a book with sound effects. This is an imperative skill to get to understanding things like “NO.”

But above all, she is just connecting and showing her sweet little self to everyone she is with. I know they feel it, too. Her expressions show this amazing appreciation and love in her eyes, and I know we all can’t wait to see what she has to say when she’s ready.