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Reese al Fresco

What a day! Happy Reese is such a good thing for all of us. We’ve been on cloud 9 today, soaking up all this eye contact and love from our little lady. From soccer to lunch to nap and playtime at home, she never sank into a fuss. She even humored mom and dad for a special splurge of dining at Eatzis al fresco. She loves the breeze in her hair apparently, because she couldn’t get enough of looking into the wind and moving around in her high chair. Love this sweet girl, so so much. 

They call me Peter Pan

My dad has always said you are as young as you feel. I thought it was a mantra for just himself and saying it out loud made him feel it must be true. Mom always joked she had three kids, my dad being the biggest of them all. But I have realized for my dad it is reality to him. I know because I now understand.

Here I am at 34 with my second child cradled in my arms, and I realize I have the Peter Pan syndrome too. I refer to myself, (at least in my head), as a girl not a woman. I still think my age is closer to kids in high school than their parents and am convinced I cpuld relate to them with this age logic. And I look in the mirror and don’t really think I’ve changed much since college, neck up anyway. Order up! I’ll have a side of toned up arms and abs, please. And hold the post-baby tummy sag.

But I am holding the proof I have aged. The fact that there are more than 40 pounds of boy sleeping snuggled up next to me is astounding! I am incredulous I have a five-year-old, and oh so glad we didn’t wait any longer.

Age may be a state of mind, but the mind can’t ignore what the body is saying, especially when it’s too tired to fight back.