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Day 3 of Vacation, Summer 2012

We made it to the beach today! Everyone had a blast. D loves being with his older cousin, Makayla. They dug for sand crabs, dug a big sand castle up with Poppy, and Davis boogie boarded with Bryan’s help. Reese got her toes in the sand and seemed to enjoy the velvety soft feeling— my favorite part of the beach, and a fond memory of all my summers spent here in Carlsbad/Oceanside.

We have already had a great time with the extended fam as well. There were lots of rugrats running around yesterday, the kids wore themselves out. We all managed to sleep to a reasonable hour this morn so I think we are officially on local time.

For those wondering about Reese and how we could possible go on vacation, she is great and we needed it. It may not be resting up when you are on vacation with five little people always needing something, arguing or otherwise misbehaving, but it’s tons of fun to be with fam and to be breathing this restorative salt air is relaxing. And if you know me, I may never find a way to really rest, but I am definitely in need of a mental break from myself now and then.

My almost perfect photo, no thanks to my son with his black eye and new desire to insert silly faces into photos at the worst times. (Taken with Instagram)

My Little Gentleman

You are so proud of me because I was a gentleman.

Another Davisism confirming my praise about what a good traveler he was this week. I use “gentleman” to describe when I ask him to hold a door or help with bags. Shows he really is listening to me! Sounded so adorable to hear from his mouth with his lisp and non-L sound. A

I’ve forgotten everything I did here, because I’ve been on vacation. I don’t even know what our house looks like!

Davis talking about our whole life in Grapevine… Kid is a hoot!