Test this week

It’s another test this Wednesday. We try to downplay it I think to each other and to everyone who asks. But this is a big deal the more I think about it. We are hoping to see a completely normal EEG again, but this time, we will have to stay on the steroids longer to have it stick. That’s assuming they get a good test in the short 30-minute window, and that it looks positive.

Considering her progress in the past two weeks definitely supports the idea that things are working well, we are optimistic. But I think we are just afraid to even have that feeling. Feels very similar to March/April, while we watched her gain each little development back. It was a great weekend, she talks non-stop, testing her vocal chords, her range of sounds, and most definitely her volume. We’ve been cracking up. She may give Davis a run for his money after all.

So regardless of how this goes, looks like we are definitely heading to Chicago in a couple weeks, and that will give us another data point because it will be an overnight EEG again, which gathers her sleep patterns, which haven’t been good in the past. And a new set of eyes can’t hurt.

So there you go, an update, for at least to wait for a real update after we see the doc.