(Written Wed night, but fell asleep before I could finish)

Don’t ask me how it’s possible. Our little warrior is blowing us away with her strength. Only 24 hrs after brain surgery and she is sitting up.

I know it’s hard to believe, but we aren’t actually hoping for recovery right now. Yes, we want her to be healthy and strong, but what we really want is for her to have seizures so the extra special grid laying on her brain right now will capture the precise location of her epicenter and allow them to remove all of the bad stuff without having to remove too much extra.

We learned today that this concept makes complete sense to Davis. He calls it “the dirt”. I wish I had been recording him as he explained there is dirt in Reese’s brain, and it’s a mess and so they are just cleaning it up. “It’s really dirty in there and they’re cleaning it out, mom.” 

Yes, my love, that is EXACTLY what they’re doing. If you need any more help understanding this extremely complex concept, I’m sure Davis will be happy to help. 🙂