Our Warrior Gets A Medal

Showing off her medal. Big D wanted her to have it because she deserves it more than he does. #hisidea #sweetboy #epilepsywarrior #brainsurgery

Had to come add to this.

This boy of mine knows what melts my heart. He received this medal for reaching a reading milestone at school. (Many children got it). But he still was very excited!

So a couple days later when we were at home and Reese did something, he said she really was doing great things and he wanted her to get a medal. Before we even left for hospital he was hanging his medal on her door to be hers. Can’t believe that a week later he is still thinking about it and wanted to bring it to her in the hospital.

These are the moments that tell me in his own way he is worrying about her, thinking about her and above all missing her, and us.

It is so hard being the sibling. We are so proud of how he is coping with it all. And to be sure they know how special their love is I have documented it here as proof for those moments down the road when they aren’t getting along. 🙂 Even then, we will be grateful that they can have those moments because it will mean Reese will have come so far.