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New band name—- the Davey Crocketts. This is my super cool kid, chillin, eating his lunch. The cap was all his choice after I suggested he put on my shades to listen to a little U2.

Our very humble son

Bryan: Davis, what are girls? How do you describe them, like Reese?
Davis: cute, sweet
Bryan: yes, or pretty. And what do we say for boys? What are you?

Kid has turned over a brave new leaf. Bryan jokingly offered him milk or tomato juice, and he accepted the challenge. Didn’t last, but he still gets a star for trying something new.

What do you get the 4-year-old who has everything? A hande-me-down iPhone 3S with no service, loaded with games and songs. Proud to say he was very surprised!

Then he says, “I really like this mommy. Now I can talk to my friends and my cousins….”

Ruh-roh. So I tell him the phone part is broken. He’s still thrilled. And I get my phone back 🙂