Getting Spoiled

Someone is really spoiled. Since we got home from brain surgery, she’s been sleeping in our bed parts of every night for obvious reasons. Now she seems to have decided she should start out here and save us all the time of getting up.

And the guilt kicks in. I’ve held her down and let them do terrible things to her. Of course she can sleep wherever she wants! Can’t deny her snuggles with mom and dad, now can I?!!!!

Overall though, it’s been a great couple weeks. Staples came out last Tuesday and it took me two full days to work up courage to wash her hair. Even after getting used to touching staples, her raw, open skin again made me squeamish. We both cried a little but we survived.

Doctors decided to get some blood work done to see how she looks between surgeries. Poor lab tech hadn’t even heard of two of the tests they wanted. So after 6 vials (24ml of blood drawn) and double checking on the Internet, she still managed to miss one. We head back in the morning to make R suffer again. Sigh.

Therapists are all pleased with her post-op progress and everyone who knows what they’re talking about says her scar is healing. So we are just going with the flow right now.