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Second night after surgery

And what a day we’ve had! This morning I got up from a pretty good night sleep to a splitting headache. To which I realized I have no room to complain compared to my daughter’s pain. Within 5 minutes of me standing up, I was watching them redress her bandages for the first time and I got a little light headed. I think combining the sudden jump up from sleeping, the headache and the gruesome sight before me, I just couldn’t process it all. Luckily I recovered quickly. I don’t like missing anything that they are doing to her.

We have found the more on top of things we are, the more we update nurses on what we’ve seen, what others have done… we repeat medicine needs, we ask for things…. it’s all helping to make sure she gets the best care. They don’t know her like we do. And as hard as it is to be assertive sometimes when you clearly don’t know the lingo or the details, we’ve just come to not care about people’s feelings. We are nice and respectful, but we tell them what we want for her, and we tell them when they’re wrong.  

But let’s get to the highlights of the day! Davis came for a visit and we enjoyed the therapy dogs’, Chanel and Ralph, second birthday party! Davis won a prize and we made sure to share with other kids. We had lunch and cake, worked on his homework and then played some more. But the biggest part of the day was having Davis see Reese for the first time. So scary for us, but so worth it. He was so pleased to be able to help out by feeding her. 

He is a love and has a huge heart. He apparently somehow senses this time is different. We’ve tried to prepare him for weeks and months that this was coming. We talked about it when the ambulance came Sunday. He is never grave and sad, but he is empathetic somehow. He is also a busy boy and doesn’t stay focused on any one worry long. It’s a great upside to him being his age and not dwelling on Reese’s gory details. I mean heck, he hardly missed us for a week over spring break!

So when he asked grandma Tue night when we were coming home, it was a bit of a shock that he was already thinking about us. And when he arrived at the hospital (grandparents took him out of school early), and he saw our favorite Chlid Life Specialist Kat, he told her everything and said he hadn’t seen his baby sister yet. His love for her is so real. I get more emotional at the two of them than anything. So he came up to the room after we prepped him for how she would look and he was all just fine with it. He asked what was wrong with her eye, and we said it was like a bruise that just swelled up a little. He was fine with that. And in about five minutes he was read to leave. Checked that off his worry list.

And then that wasn’t even the end to the day! Reese decided she felt so good she could sit up in bed. So we adjusted, we padded, and we accommodated her. She is so amazingly strong! I’m amazed. So amazed. I was queasy just watching her lean forward and seeing the leads in the back of her skull tug and move. It gives me the willies to think how it feels. But she doesn’t have the best reaction time to nerve-related responses, so it could be she doesn’t feel it at all, or it could be she doesn’t know how to process what she is feeling.

Either way, she sat up for maybe 30 minutes and played with her toys and was more interested in eating and taking some water. She exhausted herself though and needed to snooze right there sitting up.

They changed her head bandages two more times last night. It’s about a 20 min process each time and we help, because we want to and because we need to feel needed. It also gives me the willies. But each time I see her stitches and the cords coming out through her skin, I am a little less bothered by it.

So we’ve all had a big day and we’re going to get some real sleep I think.  

Mom, how did they discover the “e” on the end is silent?

Davis, my super inquisitive investigator trying to understand how to sound out all our silly words with the silent “e”. 🙂

D and I had a great time at the Grapevine Mother/Son Scientist night. Here, our silly face, and then our best science experiment face. Even laughed at a scientist magician. Got to stay up way past bedtime and couldn’t wind down until he told Daddy everything we did. 🙂 Score one for mom.

It’s been one whole year since he started ATA karate and I never stop being impressed with how he has learned to focus and the level of precision he is already showing. I am so very pleased with the program. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=176917155691953

Funny story. When D woke up he went to the bathroom all groggy, and started to wipe away the stuff on the mirror so he could see… Of course we had to “notice” the picture to get him to realize what it was.

“What are you doing? What is that?!” asks Daddy.

“It’s a snowman and I can’t see.” Says D.

“Well where did it come from?” asks Daddy.

“I don’t know!” Says a flustered Davis.

So after a few minutes of thinking about it and realizing he almost erased a snowman, he says “Chippy!”

Then he whips his head all around our tiny bathroom with no real hiding places. Then he slowly opens the medicine cabinet and sure enough, there was Chippy. Just shows this kid takes a while for his engines to be on all cylinders, just like his mama in the morning!

A tender moment with D

Davis: I can do it! I don’t need your help. (Talking about tying his Gi belt.)

Me: Please let me help you. You are getting so big and you don’t need me anymore for hardly anything. It makes me sad. (Big pouty face for effect)

Davis: Nope. All I need you for is to cook.

(Hmmm you might survive better on your own, kid.)

So proud of my little student. It hadn’t really occurred to me what he was going to learn in Kgarten. Silly I know.

(Allow me to reflect for a min). Back in August his teacher told us about the unique language they begin to write in as they learn how things sound. We saw the example and chuckled but man she was right! When he reads it back to you, he knows exactly what he means because he can sound it out. But the best part is he is loving it! He loves the challenging of picking out new sounds. He is offering to read! Never in my dreams did I think I could be so excited for my child as they learn to read. It’s a huge, huge thrill. Reinforces my love for books even more.

OK, so, here is his first Christmas list that has become his letter to Santa. Allow me to translate.

Dear Santa,
I have been really good can I please have.

I want a Bat Cave
I want a ninja turtle
I want a camera (no it is not chemo)

Don’t worry. We will be working on the “I want” part, but my guess is they were told to start that way. At least I hope that’s how why…

Last night— in his best Mission Impossible pose — Chippy was supposed to be hanging here in the morning. Mommy’s rigging didn’t hold too well tho and at breakfast D couldn’t find Chippy. Luckily, Daddy could see him behind the couch and rescued him, reconnaissance style.

This is how we recovered from the initial disappointment. When D got home from school he found Chippy repositioned (with Daddy’s superior engineering skills) and a letter. Chippy got to have coffee with Santa this morning and had a message for D from the big guy and THAT my friends, is why Chippy was late to breakfast!