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Music – even more to love

My friends know I love music. It fits me in every way — I am auditory, it lets me connect to memories and stories and the creative freedom attracts my inner artist.

But none of that tops how it feels to share my love of music with my rugrat. My love bug, who of late only wants to do her own thing, her way, has her moments of appreciating the joy of music. So capturing this moment of her attending to the instrument and the teacher for almost an entire song is remarkable compared to where she was six months ago.



I believe in all the research that music helps with healing and learning and I have always believed in my heart she loves music as much as I do. Sometimes I twirl around the room holding her or boogie down and she giggles. But I had no idea she actually connected dancing with music before today. Who knows, but it sure seems like a new connection has been made because this is definitely something new!