Mommy rant: Hospital Livin’

My view. Let’s just say ICU rooms aren’t designed for the parents. Somewhere over there beyond the cords and electrical stalactites is my daughter. And I get it.. It’s about her not me. It’s about the nurses and doctors who need to give her what she needs. But it’s still annoying that I can’t seeContinue reading “Mommy rant: Hospital Livin’”

Let the Healing Begin: Graphic Warning

Let the healing begin, sort of. Dissolving stitches almost gone. Staples come out Tuesday. I know it’s probably been hard to piece together where things are with us so here is the abridged version. First surgery was for the EEG implant and we got the data we needed. Second and third surgeries were emergencies toContinue reading “Let the Healing Begin: Graphic Warning”